Injury Care

Injury Care

We understand that every injury that happens at work affects an employer’s ability to conduct business and an employee’s ability to do their job and provide for their family. For this reason, we provide onsite medical care that results in quicker resolutions and better outcomes. We believe in a Day Zero Approach; which means, the faster a patient is seen once a symptom presents itself, the better chance we have of preventing injury. Our specific injury care services include:

  • Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant Services

    Our nurse practitioners program provides our clients with regular, high-quality care to address a wide-range of health issues. We have both Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners available. Our nurses are familiar with the unique challenges of worksite environments and trained to help you with your specific onsite needs.

  • Paramedic/EMT Services

    Pivot Onsite has developed a model that provides the client with professionals trained in basic first aid and triage of injuries, emergency response, drug screen collection, etc.

  • Early Intervention Onsite Athletic Trainer Program

    This highly effective program begins at Day Zero and is successful at preventing symptoms from becoming injuries, or workers’ compensation cases.