Occupational Health Nurse

Our team of Occupational Health Nurses offers a unique approach to health and wellness in any industrial setting, no matter the size of your business. Our experienced providers have high level training in injury care, management, and prevention that protect the employee as well as our clients’ bottom line. Nursing care in the industrial setting delivers compassionate, personalized care and concern to each employee and promotes health for employees to perform the essential functions of their job safely. We work with our partner clients to develop and implement customized injury care models; which include federal government (OSHA and MSHA) mandated medical surveillance programs and wellness programs. The goal of this division is to reduce lingering injury claims, improve productivity, and drive an employee wellness culture.

Compassionate Care

Nurses by nature have a caring heart and show compassion for all. Our nursing team has the unique ability to bring a “personal health care provider” to our partner clients.

Injury Care

Our nurses use individualized care models that follow an injured employee from day one of injury until the employee has reached their maximum medical improvement. Our team incorporates care and concern in their treatment to keep employees engaged in their recovery process.

Case Management

Well versed in case management, our Occupational Health Nurses document from the moment an employee enters our clinic until the case is closed. In many instances, our health care providers are onsite. They learn the demands of the industry and activities to be able to mitigate issues that could result in Worker’s Compensation costs.

Total Worker Wellness

This program focuses on complete worker wellness and promotes healthy lifestyles throughout the workforce. Not only does this improve the health and wellness of employees, but also increases productivity, improves morale, and reduces absenteeism in the workplace. We develop programs for weight loss, chronic illness management, smoking cessation, and mental health.