“Onsite Innovations has redefined the role of health and wellness in the construction industry. It’s taken what can be an adversarial relationship between workers and employers and created an opportunity for advocacy and engagement around preventing injuries and reducing costs.”

Pivot Onsite Innovations Construction Practice – Active Advocacy and Care

Pivot Onsite Innovations delivers a smarter approach to health and wellness on construction worksites and projects nationwide. Our solutions are rooted in active advocacy and care from workers that protect people and a company’s bottom line. We work with our partner clients to develop and implement customized health care delivery models that always include a safety based vision. It is our goal to use our medical knowledge to enhance client safety programs as we work together to prevent accidents and improve productivity. All of our programs, which range from wellness and injury prevention to reporting, medical claims management and other specific medical services are designed to reduce claims and potential litigation costs while driving towards culture change and injury reduction.

  • Injury Prevention

    Training, engagement, ergonomics, customized pre- and post-stretching programs, and plan design that reduce the risk of workers getting hurt on the job.

  • Injury Care

    Training, engagement, ergonomics, customized pre- and post-stretching programs and plan designs that reduce the risk of workers getting hurt on the job.

  • Case Management

    Detailed documentation, treatment plans and return to work protocols that align better health outcomes with better business outcomes.

  • Safety Extender

    A meticulous and proven approach to risk management focused on collaboration and supporting safety managers on site as requested by clients.

  • Wellness

    A focus on total worker health from weight loss and chronic conditions to stress management and mental health that drives employee productivity and engagement.

The Medical Director Difference

Every Onsite Innovations project is backed by a full team of occupational health and wellness experts.

  • Medical Directors

    With decades of experience as trained physicians, our medical directors are active participants in ensuring cutting edge onsite medical care and programs that are delivered from a safety-based platform. Our medical directors provide 24/7 support to our on-site staff. They also interact with injured workers, outside providers, project staff, and claims adjusters. It is the medical director’s goal to work with all stakeholders to reduce injury frequency, injury severity, and help provide medical support that ultimately reduces claim costs.

  • Occupational Health Technicians

    On-site OHTs offer a single point of contact for clients, with access to a team of hundreds of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and athletic trainers. They don’t just sit on the sidelines waiting for an injury to happen. They’re a proactive presence on the construction site – promoting wellness initiatives, building buy-in, and promoting opportunities for improvement.

  • Athletic Trainers

    Using the principles of sports medicine, our athletic trainers conduct in-depth worksite evaluations and performance optimization tactics to ensure workers are using their bodies the right way to do their jobs. From ergonomics to stretch-and-flex exercises, our ATs offer construction employees ways to work safer and smarter that can reduce injuries and pain for a lifetime.

The Construction Occupational Health and Wellness Provider of Choice

Onsite Innovations’ active advocacy and care approach protects workers on some of the largest construction projects in the United States. From complex commercial real estate sites and projects to specialized jobs with unique hazards, our team has a proven track record of creating a positive culture of safety, keeping injuries and costs down, and helping to prevent any project delays. We are the occupational health, wellness and medical provider of choice for the construction industry. Major developers, owners, general contractors, and brokers depend on us to protect their most high-profile projects.

Responsible for over
1 Million
lives nationwide

100 Construction Projects
ranging from $100M to $25B

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  • The Benefits of Better Care

    Onsite Innovations’ active advocacy and care approach offers numerous benefits:
    • More productive and engaged workers
    • Reducing lagging metrics and reduction of workers’ compensation claim costs.
    • Better health outcomes for employees
    • Safer worksites with fewer project delays
    • Safer and healthier employees
    • Recruiting advantage among a competitive labor market