Athletic Training

Primary Prevention. Early Intervention. Performance Optimization.

Our world-class service model can be tailored to match your company’s goals. By incorporating Certified Athletic Trainers (AT) into your safety programs, you are ensuring that the safety of your site and employees. Our ATs are highly knowledgeable health care professionals with the unique ability to enhance performance optimization and mitigate the burden of injured employees through the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Pivot Onsite Innovations utilizes the health care model of professional athletes and adapts that to meet the needs of various settings. Our programs cover a wide array of key service areas that encompass the holistic needs of an employee’s wellness. We provide programs that focus on preventative practices, like ergonomics and workplace health and wellness, as well as reactionary programs like early injury care and expedited case management.

We have the experience to create programs customized to fit individual sites or large corporations with multiple sites.

  • Ergonomic and biomechanical assessments
  • Customized pre-shift prevention programs
  • Early intervention, triage, injury care and strategic care management
  • Workplace and individual wellness programming and engagement
  • OSHA compliance services
  • Remote training and evaluation services