Pivot Onsite Innovations Announces Dr. Ifeanyi Nwaneshiudu as Newest Medical Director

Pivot Onsite Innovations is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Ifeanyi Nwaneshiudu, M.D., M.P.H., as our newest medical director to assist in oversight of the organization’s full suite of occupational health care services. This addition to Pivot Onsite Innovations’ renowned onsite health care team reflects the company’s commitment to growth and expanding partnerships with clients to improve workplace health outcomes and reduce costs.

Prior to joining Pivot Onsite Innovations, Dr. Nwaneshiudu spent seven years as the CEO and medical director of Ion Medical Consultants, LLC, where he served as a medical expert reviewer and examiner for an occupational health practice team performing independent medical examinations, medical peer reviews and utilization reviews to employers across a number of diverse industries. He has also spent time as the center medical director for Concentra Elkridge, where he provided occupational medicine oversight for employees of more than 50 companies across Maryland.

Dr. Nwaneshiudu is the fifth medical director on Pivot Onsite Innovations’ executive staff leading comprehensive occupational health teams serving a growing number of Fortune 1000 companies across industries including but not limited to, steel, appliance manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, and entertainment.

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