National Safety Council in the Rising Stars of Safety Class of 2023 Award

We’re excited to share that Natalie Centeno, an Athletic Trainer at Onsite Innovations, has been recognized by the National Safety Council in the Rising Stars of Safety Class of 2023. The Rising Stars of Safety program recognizes up-and-coming safety professionals younger than 40 who have a proven track record of safety leadership in their organization and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

“National Safety Council award winners don’t just aim to check off a box for safety. These leaders understand that they must prioritize safety at every level of decision making. We are proud to honor each of our nominees and our incredible winners, all of whom are committed to working alongside NSC to save lives, from the workplace to anyplace,” said Lorraine Martin, President and CEO of the National Safety Council.

For Natalie, safety goes beyond ensuring workers avoid injuries. She says truly safe workspaces begin with providing the tools workers need – both physical and mental – to feel confident in the work they’re doing themselves and in the work their colleagues are performing around them. As an athletic trainer, Natalie recognizes that workplace safety begins well before an injury occurs. One safety initiative Natalie leads on her worksites is a customized “Stretch and Flex” program to physically help workers prepare for the day ahead and get them in the right mental health space for the work to come.

“Natalie’s dedication to health and safety extends well beyond her professional job responsibilities – she takes it as a personal challenge to improve the safety of everyone she works with. Our clients trust her ability to connect with a workforce and show them the value of proactively managing their health and safety. At Onsite Innovations, she has grown to become one of our most impressive advocates for health, safety and the advancement of both,” said Lauren Lazar, Director of Program Management, Pivot Onsite Innovations.

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