Putting People First: The Pivot Onsite Innovations Way

By Pivot Onsite Innovations

People. Passion. Purpose. Those three pillars are more than a tagline. While they represent our promise to our clients, they are also a promise to our employees. People are at the heart of everything we do at Onsite Innovations. Our people are our most important asset.

When you join Onsite Innovations, you become part of the family. It might sound cliché, but family is the core of our business. We strive to make our clients feel like they are part of the family through the exceptional and personalized care that we provide. Reaching that goal starts with a family-oriented, people-first culture approach that empowers employees to be their best selves and, in turn, provides the best service to our clients.

Our People-first Culture

At Onsite Innovations, our people drive our success, and our culture reflects our commitment to supporting each and every employee and fostering a collaborative environment. We like to think of our structure as an inverted pyramid, with our leadership at the bottom serving our employees at the top. We are always thinking about how we can do things better and smarter for our employees, and we instill that drive for innovation in our teams.

This people-first culture is part of our DNA. It’s what we do for our clients. Ensuring that their people are the safest and healthiest they can be. In our mind, it wouldn’t be right to not do the same for our own employees. Here are a few ways we put our people first:

  1. Prioritizing Wellness

Onsite Innovations has made mental health and well-being programming for employees a top priority. Our Mind, Body, Spirit program addresses employee whole health and wellness through well-being programs ranging from virtual webinars, nutrition advisement and healthy cooking demonstrations, and access to health coaching and counseling services. During the pandemic, we adjusted our programs to focus on combatting fatigue, maintaining self-care and compassion, and building resilience. Onsite Innovations understands the importance of work-life balance, and we encourage flexibility across the organization so employees don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. We’ve also invested heavily in our employee assistance, behavioral health, and overall well-being programs to support employees in all aspects of their lives from their physical and mental health to financial wellness and more.

  1. Providing Support to Succeed

At Onsite Innovations, no employee is on their own. Our service ethic is reflected internally from the top down. We’re committed to creating a culture that is driven by support. Onsite Innovations employees are equipped with the resources and tools needed to succeed and keep up with the ever-changing clinical fields they’re in – from occupational health nursing to emergency medicine to athletic training and beyond. We believe that when employees are provided the right resources and are supported by leadership, they are empowered to be creative and innovative with the solutions they bring to their clients.

Investing in our employees is what enables us to be proactive for our clients. Onsite Innovations is incredibly proud of our ability to anticipate our clients’ needs. We promote collaboration within our divisions and cross-train them through resource sharing. This way, employees aren’t under the pressure of reinventing the wheel when creating or delivering service offerings. They can adapt and tailor successful strategies to their clients’ specific needs. By connecting employees with other clinicians in and outside of their divisions, it allows for more creativity, open-mindedness, and helps all of us see new potential issues before they arise.

  1. Focusing on Growth and Development

Developing our employees is extremely important and vital to our mission of creating healthier workforces for our clients. To support employees in their professional development, we’ve established leadership learning paths for every level and offer LinkedIn Learning memberships for employees to develop skills at their own pace.

In 2020, Onsite Innovations introduced a leadership development program for employees new to and currently in leadership roles looking to build upon a core set of soft skills. The program also aligns our leaders to our own set of core principles to ensure that teams across the organization are getting the same level of support from their leadership.

  1. Celebrating Wins and Cultivating Fun

At Onsite Innovations, we are a family. We know when our employees are going through exciting times in their personal lives, like getting married or having a baby, and we know when they’re going through tough times, like when a loved one is ill or struggling. Like any family, we celebrate each other’s wins and provide support when times are tough. It’s part of our people-first culture.

We understand that recognition is a key driver of employee satisfaction for any business but for us, it is genuinely a joy to spotlight and acknowledge our amazing employees and the incredible work they do. Onsite Innovations offers a number of rewards programs to make employees feel special and highlight their achievements, including celebrating work-aversaries, client spotlights, leader and employee of the year, provider appreciation acknowledgements (e.g., AT Month, EMT Week, etc.), and a yearly Employee Appreciation Day.

When Our Employees Win, We Win

We see it at our clients’ worksites all the time – when employees are healthy and supported, they’re more motivated and productive. Helping them get there is what we do best. It’s why we often view our employees as our own clients. Supporting our employees in their development and reaching their highest potential is critical to our business. Without our employees, there would be no Onsite Innovations.

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