Pivot Onsite Innovations Brings Athletic Exercise Science to Armed Forces Training at Fort Bragg

Personal Connection with Fort Bragg Library Adds Meaning to Partnership for Athletico/Pivot CEO Chris Throckmorton

For decades, Pivot Onsite Innovations has been bringing its customized worksite medical services to clients across industries. Now, Pivot Onsite is providing its unique athletic exercise science to the men and women in the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina through the Army’s Health 2 Fitness (H2F) program.

Following a multi-year pilot program in late 2021, Pivot Onsite became an official sub-contractor with renowned federal consultants, GAP Solutions, and now boasts more than 330 strength and conditioning coaches providing readiness training for Army men and women. As part of this H2F program, Pivot Onsite provides world-class-athlete-style training to make military members at Fort Bragg combat-ready. Included in the H2F program is a combination of cognitive performance specialists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, dieticians and other professionals and health care workers.

Through a custom-tailored regimen designed specifically for the U.S. Army, this program uses the latest exercise science and research to detail exactly how much training, what type of training, how much rest, and how much recovery these individuals need to perform at their very best. Just like a training program is different for an Olympic swimmer compared to a professional basketball player, the H2F program has a unique training curriculum designed for each type of Army soldier – from infantry to airborne and everything in between. By developing customized programs delivered by expert strength coaches from Pivot Onsite, we can reduce injuries, build strength and endurance, and optimize health and performance.

Today, more than 75 Pivot Onsite strength and conditioning coaches are located at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort Drum in New York, Fort Polk in Louisiana and Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, with plans to expand the program into more U.S. Army installations in the future.

Connecting with Fort Bragg Brings Deep Personal Connection for Pivot’s CEO

Having the chance to partner with the GAP Solutions and the U.S. Army is a privilege in and of itself. However, for Athletico/Pivot CEO Chris Throckmorton, the connection is also a personal one.

Chris Throckmorton is the grandson of the late John L. Throckmorton, a retired four-star Army general who was deputy commander of U.S. forces during the Vietnam War, commander of Task Force Detroit during the city’s 1967 riots and commander of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. During his career, he received the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. Army’s second-highest military decoration for soldiers who display extraordinary heroism in combat with an armed enemy force, as well as the Army Distinguished Service Medal (3x), the Silver Star Medal, the Legion of Merit (2x), and the Bronze Star Medal. General Throckmorton is also the namesake of the Throckmorton Library located at Fort Bragg.

With his own father stationed on Fort Bragg, Chris was raised in a military household and has deep memories of growing up on the base. From his junior high and high school days spent in nearby Fayetteville to playing soccer with friends on the base itself, Fort Bragg was home for Chris throughout a significant portion of his life. Certainly, having the base’s library named after his grandfather brings additional meaning and connection for Chris and the entire Throckmorton family.

Now, as CEO of Athletico/Pivot, he gets the chance to give back to the base that gave him so much through Pivot’s partnership with the Army’s H2F program.

“Obviously, all of us at Pivot are grateful to get the opportunity to work with the heroic men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces. But to have the chance to deliver our program at Fort Bragg, a place that holds so many memories for me and my family, makes this project all the more fulfilling,” said Throckmorton. “I am thrilled to have the chance to return to my roots and have Pivot play a role in preparing our military personnel with readiness training makes me extraordinarily proud.”

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