Pivot Onsite Innovations Welcomes Lauren Lazar As Director Of Health & Wellness

Lazar’s appointment is part of Pivot Onsite Innovation’s strategic expansion into advanced wellness solutions

Mount Laurel, NJ (May 7, 2021)– Pivot Onsite Innovations, the nation’s fastest growing onsite occupational health and corporate wellness solutions provider, announced that Lauren Lazar has joined the Pivot Onsite Innovations team as the Director of Health and Wellness. Lazar brings over a decade of experience in leading the growth and direction of successful wellness programs. She will play a key role in advancing Pivot Onsite Innovation’s occupational health and wellness practices.

“Employers are increasingly looking to wellness initiatives as a proven tool in fostering healthier employees and reducing costs, and Pivot Onsite Innovations has been at the forefront of this vision,” said Mike Brady, President of Pivot Onsite Innovations. “Lauren’s robust experience and proven expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating wellbeing strategies will allow us to formalize our wellness efforts and take our offerings to the next level. Her leadership and healthcare background are the perfect complement to our Onsite Health IQ Model™, and we are excited to have her join our team.”

Pivot Onsite Innovations’ proprietary Onsite Health IQ Model™ pairs unmatched medical expertise and people skills to reduce injuries and improve health outcomes while aligning with each organization’s culture and business goals. Teams of physicians, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, and other medical professionals become true partners in securing buy-in and achieving a healthier, safer workforce. It offers a comprehensive suite of wellness solutions tailored to specific industries and employee populations. Pivot Onsite Innovations’ focuses on a mind, body, safety approach and targets mental health, stress management, preventative care, condition management, substance misuse, risk avoidance, ergonomics, nutrition, and more.

Lazar has a well-established career working in multiple sectors of the occupational health care industry including health care plans, corporate wellness management, digital services, and pharmacy settings. She has worked for leading organizations including Bose Corporation, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, WebMD, and CVS Health. Lazar holds undergraduate degrees in Health Promotion, Exercise Science, and Wellness Management and a master’s degree in leadership and project management.

“Wellness programs are a new imperative for the modern workplace. Not only do they help employers reduce cost, they also positively influence culture, workplace productivity, and employee health. Wellness resources are also a critical recruiting and retention benefit, positioning companies as employers of choice,” said Lazar. “The Onsite Innovations team focuses on prevention and risk avoidance when it comes to the mind, body, and safety of employees. We are revolutionizing the occupational health industry by offering our customers programs that are not only impacting their bottom line, but also creating a culture of safety and wellbeing.”

Lazar joins Pivot Onsite Innovations’ staff of leading comprehensive occupational health teams serving a growing number of Fortune 1000 companies across industries including but not limited to, construction, steel, appliance manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, and entertainment.

About Pivot Onsite Innovations:

Pivot Onsite Innovations is a subsidiary of Pivot Health Solutions, the nation’s fastest growing physical therapy, occupational health, and corporate wellness services provider. For more than two decades, Pivot Onsite Innovations has delivered better health outcomes for employees at leading organizations through proven healthcare and safety solutions. We concept, create, and coordinate worksite medical clinics tailored to the specific needs of the company and its workforce. Led by its founder Dr. Lawrence J. Goren, MD, Pivot Onsite Innovations has become a nationwide practice serving Fortune 1000 clients and operating more than 150 health clinics in over 40 states.

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