Onsite Innovations Survey Reveals Exceptional Client Satisfaction Rate

Onsite Innovations is pleased to announce we have received a more than 94% client satisfaction rate, according to the results of our recent Client Insight Survey.

At Onsite Innovations, our mission is to provide smarter onsite healthcare services that allow people and businesses to realize their full potential. This survey was a way for us to ensure that we’re serving each of our clients and their businesses in the best way possible. We constantly strive to strengthen our processes by providing services that address our clients changing needs.

Here are some of the key findings based on feedback from nearly 100 Onsite Innovations clients

Top 3 Things Clients Value Most About Onsite Innovations

  1. Knowledge & Expertise – Clients consistently mention the knowledge demonstrated by the Onsite Innovations staff as a main reason they continue to work with Onsite Innovations and recommend its services to others. Clients rated their relationship with Onsite Innovations at greater than 9 out of 10.


  1. Availability – Clients noted the accessibility and timely response provided by the Onsite Innovations 24/7 on-call experts as a main reason they work with Onsite Innovations as their medical provider. In total, 98% of respondents scored OSI’s 24/7 on-call providers an 8 out of 10 or better.


  1. Commitment – Loyalty and commitment were terms clients used quite often when describing the Onsite Innovations team. Clients rated their likelihood to recommend Onsite Innovations to others at greater than 9 out of 10.

Our management team conducted this survey to ensure we are providing the level and type of services our clients deserve and demand. As you can see, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. However, we also conducted the survey to help us identify opportunities for improvement. Over the next year, we will look to improve the reporting provided to our clients by incorporating new ROI metrics we’ve developed to measure the success and value of the Onsite Innovations program.

Our guiding mission drives everything we do, from the way we partner with clients to our systematic approach for providing personalized care in high-risk work environments. We look forward to continuing to provide you with onsite healthcare services that allows people and businesses to realize their full potential.